Doing Mission Work in Real Time!!

  • Thirteen:122 is the longitude and latitude of the Philippines.

  • We directly support Missionaries with whom we have long term personal relationships.

  • Needs and special projects are shared. We encourage and help provide the resources needed.

  • Work is done in cities, towns, mountain villages, schools, and prisons.

  • Technology allows us to support and get reports back with pictures and video from our partners almost in REAL TIME.

  • We help them share Jesus and do good.

How Can You Help?

Financial Support is the best way to help. Why?

Items sent by mail are extremely expensive and

often take months to reach our partners.

We have experienced items lost and damaged.


Our partners can often source what they need locally saving both time and money.

Partner with Us!

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The Editha Jarrett

Memorial Mission Fund

Editah Jarrett

Editha Ferrer Jarrett

December 23, 1963 - August 18, 2023

Editha was born in Quezon City, Philippines. Later in her adult life she married Missionary Steve Jarrett who did extensive work and was greatly loved in her native country. They settled in the United States where Editha eventually because a US Citizen.

Editha loved people and was greatly loved all across the US and throughout the Philippines. She especially loved children and worked tirelessly helping with various mission projects. On a regular basis she would collect items such as clothing, shoes, educational supplies, personal care items, candy, and non perishable food items that were shipped back home in large boxes to be distributed to the needy and for the cause of Christ.

After her husband's death Editha moved to South Louisiana to live full time with our family. We can give testimony that she loved the Lord and was passionate about sharing that love with everyone she met. She continued to send boxes back home and we often partnered with her on these projects.

We wish to continue her efforts helping children and others in the Philippines. Your donations allow us to do this in her honor and memory.

Drink Coffee

Do Good

Mission Coffee was designed to help us with our mission projects in the Philippines. A portion of every purchase goes to .

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Who am I?

Lamar Powell

My name is Lamar Powell. I have been involved in ministry most of my adult life including pastoring, starting churches, and supporting missions. The Lord has opened doors in both the Philippines and Mexico to partner and help some amazing people I know in those countries who have spent a lifetime sharing Jesus and doing good.

You can reach me at: [email protected]